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About Academy

Tips from goalkeeper coaches. Free entrance for a goalie camp. Goalie gear for free.

It’s a TWO YEAR contract with BLINDSAVE Goalie Academy.

We are looking for two talented and ambitious goalies (age 15 – 18) to sign a sponsorship contract for next two years. We will choose one girl and one boy who will get BLINDSAVE goalie gear for free as well as opportunity to take part for free in BLINDSAVE goalie camps to improve their goaltending skills. Goalies will get tips from BLINDSAVE Academy coaches regularly for two years.


How to apply?

Please send your CV, at least one recommendation letter and some pictures or videos where we can see you in the action to Don’t hesitate to add other valuable and interesting information.

  • Application deadline: May 5.
  • Winner’s announcement: May 15.

“We want to help young goalies to reach their goals and be part of their development process in floorball. That’s way we are launching BLINDSAVE Goalie Academy which includes not only traditional sponsorship but also goalie education program,” says BLINDSAVE owner Andis Blinds.

Jury: BLINDSAVE CEO Andis Blinds, Finland national team goalie coach Henri Toivoniemi, former Sweden national team goalie Patrik Aman and Pixbo goalie coach Pontus Boman.

Please keep in mind!

  • Goalies and his/her parents will have to sign a sponsorship contract with BLINDSAVE.
  • Goalies will have to play in BLINDSAVE goalie gear, including goalie suit, next two seasons!
  • Goalies will have to be active in social media.