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July 10

The fifth time BLINDSAVE organised the world’s biggest international goalie camp where participated more than 100 goalies from 15 countries. During the camp goalies had practices that included goalie movement and positioning, video analysis, reading of the game, special physical training, and other specific features. 

For the first time camp was divided into two groups to ensure individual attention to each goalie. From June 28 until June 3 the coaches worked with young goalies until the age of 16 but from June 30 – with older goalies.


Reaction, speed and coordination training at the camp.

If a goalie ir in the right position, every save becomes easier to execute because goalie is optimizing net coverage.

Coaches: Patrik Aman, Aake Kettunen, Pontus Boman, Henri Toivoniemi, Andis Blinds and Matej Posta.


More photos at BLINDSAVE Floorball Flickr account

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