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March 26

Over 80 goalies from 14 different countries came together to participate in BLINDSAVE GOALIE CAMP 2014! For three days participants had the chance to master their skills in game techniques, learn about goalie psychology and game itself in the supervision of world famous and known floorball goalies – Patrik Aman (team of Sweden), Henri Toivoniemi (team of Finland) and Andis Blinds (team of Latvia). As it turned out this was the biggest floorball goalie camp in floorball history so far!

Get inspired by our latest video of BLINDSAVE GOALIE CAMP 2014! :)

Learn from world famous and well known floorball goalie - Patrik Aman (team of Sweden)

Master your skills with Henri Toivoniemi (team of Finland) 

For three days participants learned the game and had fun

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