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International goalie day

Goalies are different. They are quite emotional and unique people. They always have an opinion about the game, they see things differently. Everyone understands that goalies need a different approach and attitude but teammates and friends often forget about it. We want to remind everyone of it!

Therefore we proclaimed March 1 as International Goalie day two years ago. This is the day when goalies are the main people everywhere – whether on the field or outside the hall, amongst teammates or friends. Besides March 1 is the birthday of the first floorball goalie protection brand BLINDSAVE. So, it is the perfect day to celebrate.

What to do?

Goalies, let’s show everyone that we are special community. Write a short story why did you choose to be a goalie and share it on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) accounts. Please don’t forget to use hashtags #internationalgoalieday and #proudtobeagoalie. The three best stories will get a new BLINDSAVE hoodie.

Add badge (twibbon) on Twitter and Facebook to show your friends your loyalty to goalie community.

Download “Proud to be a goalie” label and make a sticker. Put it on your goalie mask, water bottle, car, I-pad or any other place. 

If you aren’t goalie but you would like to show support to goalies, you are welcome to add also twibbon on twitter or facebook

What else?

Remember to share the manual How to treat/respect goalie? with your teammates! It will be very valuable for players and any person who has regular contact with a goalie ;)