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BLINDSAVE’S philosophy is based on three values: safety, comfort and confidence

At BLINDSAVE we strive to find the most effective solutions for floorball goalie equipment by living by our company’s philosophy. Our philosophy is based on three values: safety, comfort and confidence.  

Safety is the most important because only with trusted equipment can goalie be sure they are protected from possible injuries and therefore are able to focus their attention on the game.


Comfort is fundamentally important because only feeling free and comfortable can you truly be on the top of your game. 


Even with the best product only a confident and dedicated goalie can lead their team to success. We call this the “play cool” principle which means that the goalie should feel free and cool during the game. The only way the goalie will achieve this is by having a high level of comfort, safety and confidence. That is the mantra of BLINDSAVE.