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About camp
BLINDSAVE as a floorball goalie brand is taking an active part in organizing floorball goalie camps and educating goalies about goaltending.
About camp

We are organizing camps in different countries and we are open to meet young goalies for learning floorball goalie techniques, psychology and game itself. We believe that the goalies are playing a really huge role in the team that is why we believe we should focus on improving of goalie skills.



The idea of organizing floorball goalie camps comes from the owner of company BLINDSAVE Andis Blinds who started to organize specialized practices for local goalies in Latvia in 2012. Also this was the year when the first ever goalie camp was organized in this country and gathered together more than 20 goalies. Andis is passionate goalie himself and still plays in the Latvian national team and has started serious movement of floorball goalie education. Below you can find videos from the first goalie practice and camp in Latvia.

First floorball goalie practice in Latvia by Andis Blinds & Valerijs Bodnieks:

The first floorball goalie camp in Latvia: