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Manufacturer of floorball equipment

BLINDSAVE is a manufacturer of floorball goalie equipment. Based on numerous tests and leading goalie suggestions, BLINDSAVE has created professional goalie equipment which differs from other brands by providing a higher safety and comfort level.

BLINDSAVE enhances the goalie's abilities by giving the goalie a product that allows them a higher level of comfort, safety and confidence. For us, the goalkeeper is a huge part of floorball and deserves specialized equipment in order to keep them at their best.

Products based on functionality

Our product is different from others because we have spent time considering everything a goalkeeper will need to improve their game. We have created a product that is developed step-by-step in order to be original and to cater to each goalie's specific needs.

The reason BLINDSAVE is such a good product is because of our concern for product functionality. To us, having a product with a higher functionality means we have created a successful product for improved performance and at a higher quality level than leading brands. In order to ensure this standard of quality for our equipment, each product is handmade and crafted in EU.

We believe that BLINDSAVE is also the friendliest brand for goalies because we work individually with every goalie in order to allow for the most optimized performance. We are so confident of the quality and performance level of our product that we offer a trial run with all our equipment before it is purchased.